Internship Advertising

I do post about internships often. I argue about internships (because these days a lot of them are synonymous with ‘unpaid work’), but if you have an amazing internship you want to advertise, please email me, or submit through my form your internship. Submit two weeks ahead, if possible, before you actually want to start advertising. I do this for free, and I have no ads. Why? I was a student too, and was frustrated – it’s hard to find information for meaningful internships.

I sometimes post links if someone gives me a little nudge into the correct place, but if you or your company really wants to advertise directly to me, please try to give me as much information on internships on the following.




Give me the name of the company/companies that are hiring and a flavour of your company. Give me a legitimate website or LinkedIn page – or I’ll throw your advertisement in the trash pile.

Give me information on who to contact for more information and who to send the resumes to, if they are different from each other.



The ideal candidate you are looking for, the level of education, the degree (though to be honest, I know many non-communication degree majors that work in communications – keep your mind open, HR!).

Tell me the duties that specifically are entailed in the job. That includes whether or not their job requires constant travelling, outdoor duties, or is just inside the same office, day in, day out.

We need to know the wages or stipend for the job. I will not advertise unpaid internships, or internships that have ridiculously low stipends; for example, $500 to be paid after working full-time for 3 months. Please be above the minimum wage of your state/country/province, or provide an amazing stipend.



The time you want me to start advertising the internship (hence try to submit two weeks ahead of time).  The approximate time that candidates will hear from you would be an enormous perk also.  I will also need to know, of course, the period of time the internship should take place – the ideal start time and end time.



Is it in Canada? The U.S.? Will there be any travel costs covered? Any moving expenses covered if needed? Will the worker be required to drive or own a car? Or can they take a bus? Virtual internships are okay, but please indicate where your company is based in.



Talk to me. Share your opinion.

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